Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Assistant Professor, Quantitative Social Science

Dartmouth College


Welcome to my site! I’m an Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College in Quantitative Social Science. I’m also an Access to Justice Faculty Scholar with the American Bar Foundation, an academic affiliate with the federal Office of Evaluation Sciences, and a visiting Data Science Fellow with The Lab at DC.

My research studies the ethics and law of how social service bureaucracies prioritize amidst limited resources. My dissertation research examined prioritization in school districts. It shows how districts facing budget pressure use discretion to decide that fewer students fall into prioritized categories and uses computational text analysis of legal cases to show how parents reduce this discretion. Newer research studies and aids government agencies in using large-scale data and predictive modeling for more equitable prioritization.

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  • Computational Social Science/Data Science
  • Social Policy
  • Ethics
  • Education/Health


  • PhD in Demography, Sociology, and Social Policy, 2020

    Princeton University

  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Bioethics, 2012-2014

    National Institutes of Health

  • BA, MA, 2012

    Stanford University